Sunday, December 22, 2013

Odds & Ends

Again there are a few items of interest or at least they interested us, but they don't really warrant a whole post each.  Listed in order of discovery, not importance.

ONE (1)
We're not sure why we didn't see turkey tracks last winter, but maybe it's because the snow has been melt-y and soft this year.

Turkey tracks look like they were made by cartoon birds or small dinosaurs.

TWO (2)
A magic pine cone!  We're keeping the Boy Scouts clear away so this can't be ruined in the name of "safety," too.*

I stopped into the Ranger Station in Hamilton to ask for directions. It looked like they had very nice, brand new carpet in there.

They also had a cute little gift shop that tempted me with its Smokey the Bear merchandise.  I LOVE SMOKEY!

*I know that the Boy Scout leaders who committed that awful vandalism are not the standard variety Scouts; just making a joke.

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