Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I feel drained.

Waste water-wise, we're back in business!

Looks like the kitchen sink might be "permanently fixed"! I use quotations, because as we all know true permanency is a myth. Thanks, Nick!

As inconvenient it is to use the teensy upstairs shower, it's way more inconvenient to wash dishes in the bathroom sink. Not just in terms of the dishwasher being out of service, but because the faucet and the small sink make it hard to wash large things and the counter in there seems ridiculously low, making washing more than just a few dishes kind of hard on our backs. Even Nick was unable to work loose the drain stopper in the overflow pipe on the tub. But he did seem to narrow the location of the clog down to the P-trap rather than a mass caught up on the stopper. Next stop: a moderate volume of chemical drain cleaner. Ugh.

I found one that is specifically for hair clogs, or claims to be, bu Liquid Plumber. It seemed safe to assume that hair was the primary culprit with the shower drain, right? Well, even though I let it sit about twice as long as I was supposed to, because I got caught up in Delia's daily fetch session and a few other tasks.

Speaking of Delia's fetch session... we know spring is in the air because she's asking for a drink from the well head mid-session. It was a balmy 45F when I got this shot.

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