Friday, April 14, 2017

Whose Nest Is This, Anyway?

Guess what I found IN THE HOUSE. That's right, what appears to have been the winter homes of a couple of h*ckin' wasps! Every year, starting in late February or early March we will find a few slow and clumsy wasps in the house. I think we're at about 6 so far this year. Neither of us are the type to just kill all the bugs we come upon, but wasps in the house... well, they're asking for it. Besides, I heard once that the wasps you find out in late winter or early spring are queens* looking to establish a hive and I ain't havin' a freaking wasp nest in my house!

*I did not verify this and I'll kill them even if they're just simple commoners. NO MERCY.


  1. Dayummmmmm, those wasps are sneaky

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm with you. Those wasps have the WHOLE forest to build nests in. They come in the house, they're asking for it.


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