Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Checking Off Bucket List I

Betty and her double-layer rawhide doughnut "cake" with baby carrot candles attached with almond butter.

Before we leave, I want to see my people, eat at my favorite places, get supplies from local shops and chain stores that aren't (yet) in the Missoula area and, maybe most importantly, do as many of the activities I'd have done if we weren't moving as I can.    Last year we had a 1st birthday party for Betty and we'll be doing the same for Delia in a few weeks, but yesterday was Betty's 2nd birthday and I made sure we celebrated it.

We sang happy birthday while Betty and Delia patiently sat waiting, then dished up a rawhide doughnut to each.  For our daily afternoon parkies, Betty got decked out in her party tutu and wore it all over the park while chasing her ball and her friends and while hassling a teenager there to practice his soccer goals.

The girls also got an extra, hour-long parkies while the buyers of The ManFlesh's house had inspections and such: we had some sleepy pups last night!

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  1. Loved the singing! And the fact that Betty will wear her tutu!


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