Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Big Move

Taken at the first rest stop on the trip.  It was dark:30 when we left my mom's house, after all.  Oof.
 We're here!  We spent an uneventful 10 hours and 45 minutes on the road, the dogs slept the entire way (Delia unaided by pharmaceuticals), and we settled in to the Staybridge Suites.

I kept trying to make Delia a tidy, little bed on the passenger side.  Delia kept reorganizing it to suit her napping needs.

We thought we'd get some kind of PODS style self-load moving container for the Big Move, but it turns out that of the 20 or so companies that offer this type of thing, only one delivers to Montana!  Too expensive.  After much discussion we decided on the 20' U-haul truck.  We picked it up Saturday afternoon and started packing boxes into it.  On Sunday "morning" Eric's dudes showed up to help move the big furniture and by 1p we had that sucker fully loaded... with 3/4 of our possessions. [cussing here]  So we picked up a 14' truck Monday morning and filled that to the gills and still had some stuff.  So we crammed both our cars and then convinced our moms to put some stuff in their garages. So much for my dreams of an organized and orderly move.

The only "nervousing" parts were in Portland, Tri-Cities, & Spokane.  I can't speak for Eric, but I forgot to even be nervous when we drove them over to the U-haul in Missoula to get the towing apparatus removed this morning.

We drove through 3 states (Oregon, Washington, Idaho) and into Montana.  Eric and I both found driving the trucks and towing the cars a lot easier than we expected.  We had good weather and minimal traffic the whole way.

State number three of the day.

Still, who's bright idea was it down at IDT to put a Missoula mileage sign every 2-7 miles?  If it was part of some devious scheme to make the panhandle feel wider, it worked brilliantly.  [shakes fist at (big) sky]

So now we have have to find all the digital device chargers.


  1. So very excited for both of you. You both look pretty good for leaving at dark thirty. Can't wait to see the place.

  2. Yay! for getting at least the big majority of your stuff there!!!

    I've driven many a moving van but never towed anything behind. Glad it went well.

  3. Yay you're there! You are really making me miss my road tripping days.


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