Friday, September 14, 2012

Checking Off Bucket List III

Auntie Lisa's wonderful shot of the birthday girl!

Last year we had a birthday party for Betty for her first birthday where she and played with dog family and we visited with people family and friends.  This year was Delia's turn, even though it was just one week before the big move.

Big sister Betty and birthday girl Delia looking expectantly at Grandma Pat. (photo by Lisa Leggett)

This year we held it at the dog park where the girls play every day around 4p so that Delia could play with her friends and mama and papa wouldn't have to make the house or yard presentable to guests and safe for rowdy dogs amongst all the packing.

Party Central with a donation bucket for Delia's shelter of origin, dog and people treats, favors and water for people.  Water for dogs was in a bowl on the ground. 

Of course, I started planning in March and started making decorations in April.  Which is a good thing since in May we decided to move to Montana.  Ahem.  I started with this bunting inspired by something I saw on pinterest (of course).

dog_birthday_party dog_bunting
The "Delia Head Bunting" photographed by Auntie Lisa!

My inspiration was Delia herself; when she yawns her long, skinny tongue unfurls like a party blowout so I really had no choice but to make Delia-face blowouts!  The hardest part was finding tongue-pink blowouts that weren't printed with princess crowns or licensed characters.

dog_birthday_party puppy_party_blowouts
Bowl full of Delia-head blowouts

Like any kid's birthday party, my fur kids' parties have to have favors for the guests to take home and since all dog parents know that dogs are gross and all my friends have to have a sense of humor, I used a dog treat recipe to make a real-food version of that gross-dog favorite: Kitty Roca.  YUM!

dog_birthday_party dog_treat_favors kitty_roca
Looks like that canine favorite, cat poop, but it tastes & smells like... well, not cat poop.

People guests got decorated shortbread cookies.

dog_birthday_party dog_party_cookies

And best of all, Family Dogs New Life Shelter (where we found Delia) received lots of donations!  Because Delia has everything she needs and sometimes people feel compelled to bring gifts, we suggested donations for the shelter dogs who are waiting for a home. Delia delivered them herself like a big girl!  We also donated the left-over people and dog treats to the volunteers and staff of the shelter and its current residents.

dog_birthday_party donation_station
Used one of the merchandise display buckets from Bubble Off Plumb to collect donations.  I love how I can use magnets to attach signs!


  1. Best puppy party ever! I'm glad we were there. PS-best cookies ever too!

  2. This looks SO fun and I'm sorry I missed it. You always do a great job with all the details of a party. Good idea to have it in the park since you were in the middle of moving. Happy Birthday Delia!


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