Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wildlife Watch!!

Though the magic of insomnia I was able to sleep in on Monday while Eric, who was already long up, let the dogs out for their morning constitutional and fed them.  So I was at the sink doing the morning dishes while waiting for the coffee to brew later than usual.  When I looked up and out the window over the sink I got to see three deer in the yard and just over the fence!

Eventually the Beastie Grrrlz caught on that there was something interesting outside.  And yes, that thermometer says it's below 30.

It started snowing in the late afternoon and by night we had a wonderland of snow.  In October.  It was still there on Tuesday morning and out the back windows Eric spotted this fellow.  He had little spikes on his head and I like to imagine him with a few pimples and a crackly voice.

He was further into the National Forest from our yard that the first three.

Tuesday evening we got to meet some of our neighbors at a meeting about maintaining our shared private road.  Everyone was nice, friendly and funny.  YEY!  We also learned that the wild cat might still be around the neighborhood and the bears, too.  Oh, my!

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