Monday, October 15, 2012

Decorating of a Sort

I finally strung up all the cards and letters we got!  It's so cheery in the dining room picture window.

They look so cheery in the dining room picture window!

I just couldn't take it and had to do a wee bit of Halloween crafting.  Betty had fond this spinal column somewhere out in the yard or forest that had already been wired together so I dug through my Halloween supplies to put together this wreath.

halloween_wreath spinal_column_wreath
We've all been there: the dog drags home a spinal column so you have to find a classy way to display it.

We replaced the heart-shaped silk flower arrangement on the fence at the bottom of the property with this seasonal welcome.  Feel free to take bets on how long after Halloween this stays up.  Insider scoop: I once had Christmas decoration up until St. Patrick's Day.

halloween_wreath spinal_column_wreath
Seeing the comparison, I think a spot of color would be nice on the new wreath, but blood wouldn't make sense here, nor would a pumpkin.

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  1. LOVE the picture window. Nice view. So glad so many people sent cards and I hope they keep coming. The wreath looks great.


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