Friday, March 15, 2013

On St. Patrick's Day Every Dog is an Irish Wolfhound

All the critters and beasts in our house LOVE dressing up for holidays.

Mavis is a bonny Irish lass.

Watch out!  Ramon is ready to do some pinching.  Don't let the tiny little arms make you complacent, either.

O'Betty the leprchaun!

"Gold" buttons and brass buckles!  O'Betty is so good natured.

dog_costume dog_leprechaun
Delia is our tomboy and likes to keep the costumes low-key.


dog_costume dog_leprechaun dog_abe_lincoln

In a moment of Photoshop clarity, I discovered the only differences between a leprechaun and Abraham Lincoln are color and height.  I know, your mind is blown.


  1. Those beastie grrlz are fashion mavens! And speaking of mavens, Mavis & Ramon aren't doing so bad, either!

  2. Fashion is very important to your household. Wait, that's something else. Never mind.

  3. Betty is totally a fashionista. Delia on the other hand, more rebel than fashion hound :)


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