Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Dread Pirate Ramon

A week or so ago Eric and I finally both got fired up at the same time to do some work organizing the shop (well one side of it).  We got together most of our cardboard moving boxes to recycle or otherwise donate, moved all the holiday decorations (and a dog crate) into the loft on the other side of the shop, organized our other recycling, assembled a couple of shelving units and got most of the remaining boxes stuck onto them.  This liberated the floor for painting the living and dining room curtain rods (post coming soon) and helped us have a better idea of where things in which boxes were located... including the boxes of wigs and costumes!

tyrannosaurus_rex t-rex pirate dinosaur_pirate
We can now refer to "going downstairs" as "walking the plank" if we want to and feel like it makes sense.  Total and utter sense.  Please note the eye patch on Ramon's right eye.

I have collected lots of this and that for unspecified costumes from the dollar store and the Goodwill bins over the years.  I've used many of these things, but not all of them.  Until now.  Mwahahahahaaaaa!

faux_taxidermy flapper_deer
Spring is in the air and Mavis is feeling a bit like a flapper with her bobbed hair and sparkly, feathered headband!


  1. Oh Mavis, you sassy thang! How big is that shop of which you speak? More play space for bigger, messier projects, yay!

  2. Our shop is BIG. It has 2 rooms each running the length of the building, probably 20-30' long! I have a the smaller side and E has part of the bigger side and the rest is for storage. I'm excited to set up a studio... with a BIGASS cutting table. ;)

  3. I love Mavis. She would fit right in to my new future home :)
    Ramon, you scoundrel. I think you're going to have a lot of fun dressing them up.


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