Saturday, June 22, 2013

Forest Floor Findings

Look what we saw while walking the BGs through the forest Thursday afternoon!  Little tiny strawberries.  I don't know the story of whether they belong here or how they got here, but there they are anyway.

The berries are about 3/8" - 1/2" at the biggest measurement.  Not quite ripe or we would have sampled.

Later on in the walk Delia took time out from sniffing to dig all around this rotting stump.  There must've been a small critter under there.

"What digging?  Why would you think I've been digging?" Delia Fields Fischl, 1.75 years.


  1. Ooo, wild strawberries! Definitely go back in a day or two and sample 'em- they're GREAT.

  2. Methinks the deer beat us to 'em! And now that I realize these plants are really strawberries, I think we have a little patch under our clothesline. Maybe next year I'll net them!


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