Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Old Friend Al

We've enjoyed a good week-long run of eating our dinners (and some lunches) with our good friend Al; Al Fresco. Maybe you know him?

Here in the Bitterroot our dinners with Al aren't accompanied by the sounds of lawn mowers, parents scolding children, poorly executed electric guitar solos, or even the occasional siren.  We just hear the songs of birds and the buzzing of the hummingbirds visiting the feeder.

Oh, and the Beastie Grrrlz' bear bells.


  1. What a loverly dinner companion, that Al. When we eat with Al at our house, we get all the things you mentioned - minus the bear bells. Trade?

  2. We will TOTALLY share with you when you come for a visit. Ahem.

  3. I don't know what you made for dinner with Al but that looks good. We too have been enjoying Al's company. Our view isn't quite as good as yours but it's pretty close.

  4. Girl, you know me I didn't make anything. It's a frittata and it just appeared magically from the kitchen after Eric had been in there making a racket.


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