Monday, January 13, 2014

A Little Rain Must Fall... Sideways

Now we sure haven't been getting the crazy weather that people in other places have been getting, but last week as a bit more dramatic than so far this winter.  Friday morning we woke up to 2-3" of fresh snow on the ground and it kept coming down until early afternoon.

This is not a black and white photo.

Then around dusk it started to rain a little. By morning it was raining almost like "real" rain. You know Oregon rain; the kind that actually gets you wet when you walk out to the car, except it was barely that rainy.  Rainy enough to make most of our snow disappear and expose the death-luge ice on the driveway, though.

It took me several seconds to figure out what about our bedroom window was familiar, but not familiar, or what. It was big water droplets on the glass! I hadn't seen that except on the windshield in a loooooong time. Note how the rain is ruining our winter wonderland effect. Jerk.

The wind kicked up early Saturday afternoon and the rain started turning into this thing the weather folks call "wintry mix."  It's not great for road conditions, but when it's going sideways and in multiple directions it's pretty cool to watch.

Apparently this combination of conditions is what leads to avalanche warnings.  Whoa. Luckily, our property is at the top of this particular rise and there are low points between us and the rises beyond and I don't think we're included in the warning area even though my various weather* apps n' sites notified me of it.  Anyway, it was good weather for replenishing our supply of fire starters and folding a few loads of laundry.

*I hardly ever paid attention to weather reports until we moved. Now I have the Weather Channel app on my phone (as well as the weather app that came with it) and I keep a tab open of our coordinates on the NOAA website. I've become one of those people.


  1. Weather Apps are fun!!!!! The not Black and White photo is beautiful!

    1. I don't know about your idea of "fun," Becky. :P Thanks!

  2. Sounds pretty much like what we had here, this past weekend, sans avalanches (in town). I sincerely hope your Death Luge melts off soon- our backyard (yeah, NOT the driveway, the YARD) was like that all weekend. Made taking out the trash into a wacky adventure! :)

    1. Yikes! Keep in mind that our driveway is hundreds of feet long and completely circles the house so we have to cross it to get anywhere, like the yard (also icy in spots), the garage, etc.


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