Thursday, January 30, 2014

Like Snow Cones Only Better

We do miss the eating out options we had in Portland and that includes the food carts Portland famous for, but Delia has decided she doesn't need no stinkin' cart, she can just make her own shave ice.

Mostly Eric misses tacos. Delicious, authentic Mexican street tacos.  At least he knows that wonderful Mexican food survives in Portland and that it's thriving in part to his long-time friend, Brent, who is a partner in bringing back the sorely missed Taqueria Nueve!  You should go.

Eric keeps pestering him (and anyone associated who will listen) for some Fed Ex tacos, but so far no dice.  Fed Ex doesn't come up our road in winter, anyway.


  1. Road trip for tacos does seem extreme. Poor E's tummy.

  2. It does seem extreme until you know just how deep is his yearning for tacos.


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