Friday, February 28, 2014

Hidden in the Back of the Freezer III: Five Days Later

If you've been following along for the last couple of weeks you know I put out three (3) ice marbles that I found in the freezer leftover from last winter's tutorial.  And then we got hit with over a foot of snow in a few days.

Can you find the three (3) ice marbles in this photo?

You might remember the salmon pink one!

Oh! Here are the turquoise and purple ice marbles!  They look like they're where the hats that the Buckingham Palace guards wear, don't they?

And here's a view of these two from the uphill side.  Check out that crazy levitating snow on the fence!  

Apologies for the glove getting in the way.  Can you spot the Bigfoot in this photo?

The next day they were gone!  The neighbor teens had been sledding on the road that afternoon and had to scamper out of the way of the other neighbor plowing the road and I think that knocked them off into the snow... the 2-3 feet of snow right by the fence.  I don't know for sure how they were knocked off, but I found two of the three, brushed them off and re-installed them.  

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