Thursday, October 9, 2014

Winter is Coming. In the Meantime There is Autumn.

Autumn is here.  In general, we have lovely days, cool nights, but with the occasional rainy spot here and there.

Autumn road. New fence on the right, old fence on the left.

And with autumn comes hunting season with which comes with blaze orange.  As I've mentioned before, it seems odd that the facts that there are houses every 5 acres that often have fences and that there's a BIG sign at the bottom of the road stating, "private road, no trespassing, etc." aren't enough to indicate that ya' can't hunt here.  Most of the neighbors have "No Trespassing/No Hunting" signs, orange tape tied to fence posts, etc. so we believe we should do similar.  You've seen the signs on the gates, but because the old owners had some small squares of plywood painted orange and posted on the old fence we thought we'd just repaint those and put them on the new fence.

New orange square on old fence.

Because there's lots more fence than the two existing squares can cover and (mostly) because some of the neighbors seem to mark the heck out of their borders, I made a few more orange squares.  I didn't have plywood, but I did have the material I make sample boards with already cut into 8" squares, masked and primed.

They originally were screwed into the old fence posts, but I wanted to refrain from unnecessary holes in the new fence posts (just more opportunity for water and bugs to hasten their demise) so I just used the hole that was already in the ply wood to attach them with wire. The washer gives the wire something to run through.

Also the fence staining is DONE, thank you very much.

It's already getting that lived-in look, by which I mean pooped-on look.  There's no telling whose poop this is, anyway.


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