Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wildlife Watch X

I'm not sure if there are more critters now that there's snow, if they're just easier to see, or if they're just more striking against the mostly white background.  It doesn't much matter, because I'm happy to be seeing them.

Dec 27: Three of the four* does ("doughs," not "duz") walking through the forest behind our woodpile.

Dec. 28: One of the three types of woodpecker we see pretty regularly, this time working the suet in the pouring down snow.

Dec 29: Go home, Bird, you're drunk.

Dec 29: The elk herd that warrants big lighted signs warning us to "WATCH FOR WILDLIFE" on HWY 93.
(I was the passenger in the car when this photo was taken.)

Pretty sure that's a white-tail deer doe butt there under the 3.


  1. 'Ha Ha ! I love the drunk bird. That was hilarious. So much wildlife spotting. That is so cool! I'm still waiting for you to see a bear!
    I too love seeing wildlife but we don't see as much. It is pretty cool when the 50 or so Canadian Geese fly over our house or when the red tailed hawk tries to snag some dinner in our hood but the crows won't have it.

    1. I've seem two bears! Both cubs, I think. I think the snow makes it both easier to spot critters and brings them down to our elevation and into the valley.


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