Saturday, October 8, 2016

COMING SOON: Long Winter's Naps

Lately, I've been trying to finish up a few projects and "winterize" our house and lifestyle. These things are all boring tasks like cleaning the curtains in the living and dining rooms while I can still hang them on the line, putting away the deck rug and chairs, finishing up just a few home-improvement projects on my own or with Renaissance Handyman Nick who is keeping quite busy aside from our projects, and getting our firewood deliveries lined up.

Delia is sporting her leafy, orange-y Collar Cozy for that autumn vibe. She gets her ability to be flattered by orange from her papa.

Wood stove season is upon us and Delia is digging it! I have always made the dogs' beds, but she likes propping her chin up and burrowing in whether she's on the sofa, in her kennel, or by the stove, so I have been keeping my eye out for a color-coordinated and budget-friendly dog bed, the kind with a... uh... bumper?, for her. Costco finally came through!

Look how cozy! And so plush and soft! No thank you.

The thing is, she wasn't interested AT ALL. She even chose the sofa in the living room over her usual next-to-the-stove spot when I replaced the other cushion with her luxurious new bed! So I grabbed her favorite blanket to help make the new bed smell familiar. The LAST thing I want is this dingy* and hole-y blankie in my still-new-feeling kitchen, but... she's our sweet, baby girl and we'll do this to help her adjust... to luxury. 

I think it's working!

* Her blankie has been recently laundered, but it's a dog blanket and will just never again look like it's not a dog blanket. Dog people will know what this means.

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