Saturday, January 13, 2018

Limited Shelf Life I

[giant sigh]

Yup. Not good looking, particularly in this photo. But a place to shelve more of our books, stash the network hardware, and some of Eric's guitar thingies.

Well. It seems that the odd book shelves that were installed in the third bedroom when we bought our house are not particularly well installed. Shocking.

That center piece that goes across the top doesn't seem to be attached to the wall studs or to the wall at all, just to the shelf pieces on the sides. Not unlike the cabinet/corner shelf situation in the kitchen. I sincerely hope that doesn't mean that the few screws attaching the side pieces only go about 1/8" into the studs like the cabinets in the kitchen.

Anyway, it did seem like things were sturdy enough as we have had books and network equipment stuffed in there since a few weeks of our moving in, more than 5 years ago. And then the first week of January 2018, I noticed that the unit seems to have begun.. sagging. Ugh. I considered both shoring it up OR going ahead making new shelves, but since we eventually want to turn the second bedroom - where most of the books are shelved - into a library, I decided to try to just shore it up until we can remove it altogether.

First step: remove the contents of the shelves. Well, everything but the network equipment (left) and guitar-playing whatchamajiggers (right).

Don't worry, we don't use the heater in there except on rare occasions.

Even though it won't make an aesthetic improvement, I am hoping to get this secured and reloaded before the end of January, but we'll see. So long as I don't let it go for months, I'm fine with it.

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  1. That room will make a nice library when you decide to tackle that. Glad you noticed the sagging before everything came tumbling down, no doubt in the middle of the night.


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