Friday, November 9, 2012

White Stuff

For some reason this feels like our "real" snow.  Maybe because it stuck to the driveway and was stacked up on the deck rail?  Maybe because it coated the ground even under the trees?  Regardless, I took lots of photos and not just of the Beastie Grrrlz*.

This is the east side of the house and usually not where we hang out, as it's the driveway- and road- side.  On the other side of that fence is the neighbors' property rather than the National Forest which is on the far left out of the shot.

And I just picked up where the shot above left off for this one.  There is overlap.

Sweeping south we're facing the direction of the opposite neighbor, but can't see our fence from here as it's down a hill.  That's Betty eating snow, our coop, shop/garage/greenhouse, and ATVport (like a carport, but for the ATV with snowplow).

 If you could see past the parked cars you would see the little gate to the National Forest there to the right of the picnic table and the left of that slatted piece of fence.

The Alexanders left us this picnic table!  I wonder if we'll keep it there or move it somewhere else.

 Behind the shop/garage/greenhouse is the garden area.

The garden is fenced for critters, but I can't think of a single critter other than a dog who couldn't get through or over the fence.  And since the bear knocked over one of the posts, the dogs can get in, too.

In the garden is a bench for sitting and taking it all in.

Behind the chicken coop and enclosure.

We probably lost about half of this to melt today; the wind kicked up in the late afternoon and blew it off the trees, but we're supposed to get more over the next day or few.

*Still, there are lots and lots of pictures of the Beastie Girls.  Even videos such as this one:

Betty has a sprained toe so she's a little limpy.  We've been keeping her off it, giving her anti-inflammatory meds and she's improved a lot.  There's just no, non-cruel way to keep her still when there's snow to be played in.  We drag her back in way before she's ready and hopefully this won't postpone her healing too much.  The cold can't hurt, right?  It's like her entire domain is an icepack!  Yeah.  Yeah, that's it.


  1. Oh, my goodness, how gorgeous! And your pups are so joyful, it made my day to see them playing!

    1. It was a wonderland this morning! And the Beastie Grrrlz... snow makes Betty bananas!

  2. nice close up on the butt sniff!

  3. I am all about the details. Except when I'm not.


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