Sunday, November 18, 2012

This is Mavis!

I would like to introduce you all to Mavis.  Everyone, this is Mavis.  Mavis, this is Everyone.  Mavis joined our family last week and has been settling in to her new home in the living room.  The Beastie Grrrlz have totally accepted her.

You'll be seeing more of Mavis, I guarantee it.

In other news, I tried again with the birdseed wreath, but this time I think I nailed the dissolving of the gelatin and I used a mini-Bundt pan to make cupcake-sized wreaths.

This is a single batch, rather than the double I used for the bit wreath, and as you can see it made 9 mini wreaths.  Again, I let them set up about 24 hours. Only because I'd moved on to other things at the 2-3 hour mark and figured it wouldn't hurt to give them more time in the fridge.

We hung four on a tree we can see from the kitchen window that already had a remnant of tinsel garland in it.  The downward pointing arrow indicates why they are hung rather high in that tree.

I don't know if it's surprising or not, but it seems that dogs like birdseed.  All I can say is that when they somehow get to eat a fair amount of birdseed their "solid waste" looks more like a granola bar than you'd want to believe or think about very much. 


  1. Hi Mavis! Love the wall colour she's against. Your bird feeders turned out great and I hope you get lots of little visitors.

  2. Yummmmm - Doggie Brand Granola Bars...

    Mavis is gorgeous!

    Glad the bird seed thingy worked this time.

  3. Nice! How did you get them up that high?

    1. They aren't all that high, Eric and I just reached up high and stood on tippy toes. We're both tall,though. My reach is a bit over 7', E's much be even more as he's taller and longer limbed.


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