Monday, December 10, 2012

The Real Deal

Our first Real Snow* in Montana!  And the first time that the road was plowed by the neighbor the road committee hires to do such.

A couple of inches fell on Thursday and a few more on Friday giving us about 6 inches total. 

We have 2 birdbaths; the other is heated to 40 or so degrees with a special device on a loooooong extension cord left for us by the former owners.

A rare still moment for the dogs who respond to snow like it is dognip.

So much for my fancy new Montana license plats.

One of the small trees near the driveway.

These are WAY better than icicle lights.  Not sure what, if anything, we're supposed to do about icicles on the eaves.  There are no gutters for them to tear off, so...

Eric's first plowing of the driveway was a success!  There's a learning curve, but he's starting strong.

This is how the Beastie Grrrlz usually look in the snow.

There was no snowfall again until Sunday night and it didn't melt off or ice over like it probably would in Portland.  We woke up Monday to another inch or so and the forecast is for more this week.  I think that there is less build-up on the valley floor and in Missoula, but we'll see when we go out for some holiday errands either today or tomorrow.

*This was verified when we ran into our neighbor yesterday afternoon/evening while walking in the woods and he referred to this as "real snow."


  1. If the icicles get too big, when they fall they can klonk you (or a Beastie) on the noggin. Back in Michigan we'd leave 'em be until they got too hefty, then we'd knock them down and use them as weapons. Er, I mean, decorations. (innocent look...)

  2. That's what I suspected. Those things are a good two stories up, so I don't know how big they're going to have to get for us to be able to knock 'em down. For safety reasons, of course. What'd ya' use, a broom?

  3. Hockey sticks, usually. ;) Tossing a younger sibling at them worked, too (says the youngest). I haven't owned a house in snow country myself so I'm not sure if there's any danger of leaving them up house-wise ... but even with gutters, I don't remember our parents dealing with icicles other than "you're going to get hit by one".


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