Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wildlife Watch !V

Be verwy, verwy quiet...

...I think we have a wabbit!

I spotted these tracks coming out from the ATVport (like a carport for the ATV) and making a trail along the front of the shop.  The ATVport's floor is dirt and I saw what looked like hole under a pallet stacked in there!  Perhaps this is why the Beastie Grrrlz will sometimes demand to go out, then race over the the shop and sniff all around the edges of it in a frenzy.

We also spotted this beauty at a bar/distillery in Missoula where we may have done some Christmas shopping and I may have made a certain non-fan of PDA kiss me under the mistletoe over the bar.


  1. I bet you'll see all kinds of wild life tracks this winter. How fun!
    Ya gotta kiss under the mistletoe!

    1. Rules is rules, even with mistletoe! The guy making the sale said that we were only the 2nd couple he'd seen kiss under the mistletoe. What is *wrong* with people? I bet if more people kissed under the mistletoe fewer people would act like jerks when driving and such.


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