Sunday, December 30, 2012

There and Back Again

Somewhere in Montana on Interstate 90: no lawn visible = pets anywhere their leashes allow.

We had a WONDERFUL trip to Portland for the Christmas holiday!  And it is WONDERFUL to be back at home in our winter wonderland.  The Beastie Grrlz did really well with the long car trips, staying at Grandma Pat's, leashed outings and driving around town and being left in car.  We did really well seeing so many friends and family in just 6 nights and 5 days.

Please wait under the moose forequarters for boarding information.

We rented a red Dodge Grand Caravan from Enterprise to get most of the rest of our crap stuff home to Montana.  It worked like a charm, did well on the drive, had all the features you'd want for a road trip.  Let me tell you, though, the one-way rental charge is a bit of a killer; we probably made up for the difference between it and the smallest U-haul available for one-way with the gas mileage, though.  The only place to return it was MSO (Missoula International Airport).  It looked like a nice little airport and did not disappoint on the taxidermy front.

This is what happens to passengers who don't collect their luggage quickly, quietly and politely.

What I am really hoping to see in person is some weird, fantastical taxidermy like this (from the website on the "watermark").

Who knew that taxidermy fell into both Classy and Tacky categories?


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