Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Going Postal

I've always liked the post office.  I like sending and receiving personal mail, I like all the little numbered PO boxes on the wall, I like looking at all the stamp designs and picking the one I want; no run-of-the-mill liberty bell from the grocery store for me, boy howdy.  Now I'm not saying that I haven't had some less than ideal customer service situations, but WAY fewer than at a grocery store, restaurant or gas station, that's for sure.  And I'm not saying I haven't waited in some maddeningly long lines, but I've paid WAY more to wait longer (in the heat) for a ride at a theme park or sitting in a line of cars just to get to or from work.   And if you've ever mailed something in a foreign country (within that same country) you know we have really good prices here, too.

This must have been taken in the spring or autumn, but the sky is often just like this in December or January from what we can tell.  Photo from

Twice this week I've had nice, friendly chats at our local PO, where I have to go several times a week as that's how we get mail; a PO box.  First, was the lady behind me in line and the second was with our Postmaster who it turns out is also from Oregon!  She asked me how we were liking it here, just out of the blue.  I told her we liked it a lot, are getting used to the weather and dry air, and are enjoying the lack of traffic and how nice people were.  Then I added that I was hoping that I, too, could become nicer.  We'll see.

The pink (seen behind the note) is Betty's choice... she's at that age where it's all pink and princesses and who am I to force my tastes on her?

Of course, I was there today to (finally) mail off mine and the Beastie Grrrlz's thank you notes for Christmas gifts.  Even though the dogs are only 2.33 and 1.25 years old, they write thank you notes. It is never too early to teach your kids the most basic manners: saying please and thank you.

HEADS UP! The postal rates for First Class Mail go up on Sunday, January 27, 2013 so get in there and get your Forever Stamps (now available in LOTS of designs) soon! 


  1. ooh, thanks for the heads up about postal rates. i'm low on stamps!


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