Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nature Break!

I have been plugging away on the upstairs hall bathroom; of course, I always run into unexpected challenges and decide to do "one" more little thing, so... yeah.  I'm still at it, but so far it's all led to spending less money instead of more so at least there's that (and no dry rot).  In the meantime, Sweeney Creek is freezing over and looking all photogenic lately so I finally stopped to take a photo when coming back up the road today.

I'm hoping to get another shot where you can see the ice over the creek better, but this is a pretty good idea of what the drive home looks like lately. The image should get bigger if you click on it.

It's been cold at our place, usually topping out at 20 degrees according to the thermometer on the tree outside the kitchen window and not getting even that high a few days.  We've only had the sparsest sprinkling of snowfall since we've been back.  I don't think snow even falls that sparsely in Oregon, so it's hard to believe it's really falling at all even when I can see it.  Or can I?

P.S. We saw turkeys mating on our way down the road!  Or maybe they were fighting.  It's hard to tell and maybe they're pretty much the same thing.

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