Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Suddenly Surrounded by Faux Taxidermy

Thanks to the gift-giving savvy of some special people* in my life, we're really starting to get our domestic surroundings in the swing of mountain life, our style.

Check out these fantastic magnets hand-crafted especially for yours truly by my deer friend (see what I did there?), Cinda.

faux_taxidermy craft_taxidermy
Plastic animals, heads separated from their bodies and be-glittered, on real wood plaques!  Currently mounted on our kitchen fridge (faux bois makeover here)

I've had a Lite Brite on my list for a few years and this year my Beastie Grrrlz came through!  Today's models are not what we think of when we say we want a Lite Brite, but the cube idea is growing on me.  Now I'm scouring ebay for more pegs.

faux_taxidermy craft_taxidermy
You can see why I need more pegs; this poor deer looks like it has mange.  E and I are debating painting the white and green plastic to class it up a bit, too.

But wait, there's more!  Look what the BGs got me for my birthday!  GAH!  Dinodermy!

faux_taxidermy craft_taxidermy t-rex Tyrannosaurus_rex
I'd like you all to meet Ramone.  He's mounted in our stairwell and I imagine will be sporting some natty duds now and again.  I think we'll attach him to a plaque to give him the taxidermic presence he deserves.

Look how Ramone's tongue brings out the pink in the wall color! [cringe]  All the more motivation to get that painted.

*I don't know about your dogs, but my dogs are people.


  1. YEAH Fabulous birthday gifts! Your home now fits right in with the Montana style.

  2. I loves your prezzies! And hells yeah - dogs is peoples.


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