Sunday, February 10, 2013

Odds & Ends

Seems like there hasn't been much going on.  I'm always busy with both stuff and things, but not much lately that seems photogenic or like especially big news (or is done and ready to share).  But there have been a few new additions and small changes around the homestead.

1) We finally put a real display in the curio-style coffee table!  What's on display?  Bigfoot paraphernalia, of course.  I was lucky to have found that big old piece of tanned Bigfoot hide* that I'd picked up on sale back in Portland to use for the backdrop.

bigfoot bigfoot_collection
Most of those things are gifts!  (from the top) Yeti print from Bridget, framed Sasquatch fur, trivet, and books authored by Bigfoot from Eric, and hand embroidered hoop from Shannon.

2) Ramon: One dapper dude.

tyrannosaurus_rex t-rex fez
We also decided to utilize some preexisting picture hooks in the stairwell to hang Eric's Mucha print.  Bonus: the green mat flatters Ramon's swampy complexion.

3) Betty is almost as long as her papa!

If only Betty were more affectionate and cuddly, especially with Eric.  Sigh.

4) Why we can't have nice things: Exhibit (some high number)

Usually they'll just stand on the couch with their front feet on the window sill, but sometimes they just go all out.  It seemed pretty neat that the window sills are extra deep when we first moved in...

 *Not actual Bigfoot hide or actual anybody hide.  It's faux fur which I have because I always check the remnants for faux fur, cool vinyl, and other potential costume materials.


  1. Looks like the place is really coming together.
    It's like always having kids, you can never have nice things with kids.

  2. Now I'm singing, "how much is that doggy in the window? i do hope that doggy's for sale"! The homestead is looking pretty dang great! I love that coffee table! I'll bet the F/F household is the only one in Montana with such a display!

    1. That dog is not usually for sale, but sometimes...

  3. Dogs are kids that never outgrow their destructive and sloppy stage. I (probably) wouldn't trade 'em for the most beautiful couch in the world, though.


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