Monday, February 25, 2013

Please, Light Up My Life Already.


What is it about light fixtures?  Why are there so few ceiling mount fixtures that are attractive?  And those that are... well, they tend to be kind of crazy expensive considering they're mostly for homes with ceilings 8' or shorter i.e. not especially fancy or "high-end."  Our house came with pretty much no winners in the light fixture department and many aren't even so plain that you can easily ignore them.  The few winners are only winners if you can have a bit of a sense of humor about some retro kitsch in your life or retro of a certain era or style is your thing.  Luckily, we do.

Obviously there are differences in proportion and finish and the more expensive ones do look better, but not more than 7 and 9 times better.  It's not like these things have motors or real moving parts or are at eye-level*.

If they can sell a reasonable approximation of this ninety-four dollar light for less than ten bucks, then why can't they do it with some other more interesting options?  This place came with 3 different boob lights probably purchased at different times and probably costing more than $10 each, but....  I keep looking for new or used replacements, but for flush mount fixtures at a price we want to pay and in keeping with the house it's all boob light all the time.

These are decent looking, shallow and subtle enough, but...

... it's hard to get excited about buying a couple of these (one each for the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms) when they're up high and aren't actually going to provide improved function.  Certainly not enough to just justify over $300 and almost $800!  Both of these could be replicated with lesser materials and work just fine for, again, a light with no moving parts and above everyone's line of sight*.  And the drum shade is EVERYWHERE the last couple of years, so it's not like plenty of people in the general public aren't aware of and probably interested in the style. They'd sell a $44.91 version for sure.

 This is certainly not plain and not for every person or every decor, but Eric and I both thought it was kind of neat and would work for us and the direction we're taking the decor of the house.  And as often as they've replicated Tiffany-style stained glass in plastic, they could do similar here and with the popularity of Lodge Style and with the vacation subdivisions, condos, and time share communities in mountain and western environments, they could sell a lesser quality version for half the price all day. 

And a deep cleansing breath before I share this.  Let's do it together: inhaaaaaalllllle... and exhaaaaallllle.  That's better.  Ahhhhh.

Don't get me started on ceiling fans.


*Trista's husband excepted


  1. Utterly ridiculous. I don't get this either, when I replaced all of our fixtures at our last house, I was gobsmacked about the prices of these things, and I work for a home builder! Geesh... It's a racket.

  2. I hear that. They are all ugly and some of them don't fit the energy efficent bulbs either. Currently in our back bedroom the boob cover is off because of this very problem.


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