Monday, November 25, 2013

A Toast to Turkeys

One more crafty creation to help us set an interesting, fun table on Thanksgiving.  Yup. Gobbler-decorated goblets, or as I've been calling them "gobblets."  When I was re-sizing and printing up clip art for the $2 decoupaged pumpkins, I got the idea to decorate a couple of stemmed glasses from which to drink our T-day wine.*  I've decoupaged stemware before, but that was before Martha Stewart came out with her decoupage medium that is top-rack dishwasher safe+. [GASP]  Before, I used resin to seal the decorations which is a lot fussier to use and takes a lot more hands-on time.  AND I don't know if the result is dishwasher safe, so I just told recipients that they weren't.

I used a "copper leaf" paint pen to frame the "etched" oval. It also helps disguise where the decoupage medium sneaked under the masking.  We'll see how it holds up to the top rack.**

Things I would do differently:
1. I would do them at least 28 days before I wanted to use them so they would actually be dishwasher safe.
2. I would get the gloss-finish decoupage medium so that variations and mistakes wouldn't be as obvious on the shiny glass.
3. I would have used contact paper instead of painters tape for my self-stick stencil and drawn the oval before adhering to the glass.
4. I would have bought appropriate glass paint to do an edge detail while as was buying the decoupage medium.

And in other week-before-Thanksgiving news, this big ol' turkey bird flew up onto our deck rail last Thursday!  We were both downstairs to hear the ruckus, but Eric saw the whole thing through the dining room picture window.

We asked him (or is it a her), "Don't you know Thanksgiving is next week?"  He ignored us.  Isn't that just like a turkey?

*Note to self: remember to buy wine
+Well, after 28 days it's top-rack dishwasher safe, so... yeah. I'm going to carefully wash them by hand this time, but next year those sons a' guns are going in the dishwasher!
** This is a project I may redo to get better results. As much as I don't like to "make again" things like this, I think I really want to have these "gobblets" and I also really want to have them be dishwasher-safe. That's the biggest perk with dollar store stemware, you feel good about putting it in the dishwasher.


  1. Did your pups go bonkers over the turkey...? I know our Big Dumb Dog would've! XD

    1. We got lucky this time and they didn't even notice!

  2. I love the Gobblets!!! I may need to buy some from you :)
    They're perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner.
    Did ya grab your gun and say whoop! Free Turkey for Thanksgiving ;)

    1. Thanks! I may redo them still, but I washed them this morning and they held up fine to handwashing before they were fully cured.
      I am not sure if it's even turkey season around here!


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