Monday, November 11, 2013

Blatant Self-promotion Time!

This is from a photo of Ella, the cat we lost late 2011.

I've designed a new "product line" for my Etsy shops.  WOO!  It works for both, Bubble Off Plumb Productions and GreatBigBeautifulDog so you can get [dramatic paws*] YourPet Silhouette cushion covers in both.  Lucky you!

I scoured my digital photo files for a suitable pose of a dog I had yet to make a silhouette of and found a lovely, happy side view shot of my dear friends' dog, Otto.

That's right, any beloved animal's silhouette can be put on a throw pillow.  They come in two sizes (12" and 18"), with a choice between two basic colorways**: the black/white brocade (cat at the top) and the brown/khaki tiger (dog above), but with any animal you love immortalized in the center in any of 7 color choices!

The seven silhouette color options.

The backs are the same solid color cotton as the ovals on the front and use an envelope style closure for inserting your own 12" or 18" pillow forms.

I'm really looking forward to seeing many (hint, hint) different fur family members' photos and making them into pillows!

*See what I did there?
** I will consider COM (Customer's Own Material) requests at an appropriate price adjustments, too.

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