Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Foolin' Around


Pretty much the only non-creepy clown around, Ms. Mavis.  Seriously, she's less creepy in person.

Once I spotted the red clown nose in the 50% off bin at Michael's, I knew Mavis had to have it.  What I couldn't believe was that between the two of us neither Eric or I had a rainbow clown wig!  That's not like us at all. Lucky for me, my friend, Denise, had part of one left over from a project and our mutual friend, Lisa, guilt-ed her into sending it to me!  YEY FRIENDS!  YEY GUILT!  The rest of her outfit was cobbled together with materials at hand, mostly scraps and remainders from other projects.

Something about this great, big , bushy beard makes Ramon look kind of cranky. That's how you know it's an April Fool's joke, because Ramon is the cheeriest guy there is.

We also didn't have a bushy, ginger beard for Ramon, if you can believe that.  I did have orange yarn in my stash, though. YEY STASH!  The hat was picked up from the Goodwill bins a few years ago & has been in the costume box waiting for the right occasion.


  1. I tried to dress one of our cats up, once...once being the key word. Mavis and Ramon are so, so much more accomodating! Great getups, as always! :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, cats... whaddaya gunna do?

  2. Hey, I gots some guiltin' skills! I love Mavis's clown outfit! She's the only clown I might not fear & loathe! Ramon makes a mighty fine viking, also!


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