Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting Political

There's a house right across from the post office with a fence on which they post political signs.  With mid-terms coming up it's all about the local stuff.  And in our small town located in a valley of small towns that means that some of those signs are painted on plywood using hardware store stencils. 

 And look a "Tara"!

I will add two more bits of information:
1. The candidates with "homemade" signs in this photo also have fancy, professional signs in other places around and at least a couple of the candidates with fancy, professional signs in this photo have "homemade" signs elsewhere.
2. The day after I took this photo another sign was added to the fence. It appears to have been printed with an ink jet printer and covered with plastic of some sort, but not covered well enough to keep the ink from running around the bottom edge.

In conclusion, I really like this. It makes me happy.


  1. Heh. These folks must have run for Student Council often. The home stenciled sign was da bomb of 8th grade through High School election campaigns back in my day when we had to walk 10 miles, barefoot, uphill, both ways to and from school!

    1. Ha! There is a stenciled sign on the highway (speed limit 70 mph) and it was the first one I saw for a particular candidate. Because it's a fair piece off to the side mounted on a fence AND I was doing the speed limit, I thought it said she was running for "President" and assumed that it was for Student Council! I got a kick out of the kids going big and putting signs up in the community... and then I realized it was not a kid and was a little disappointed.


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