Tuesday, April 8, 2014

That 70s Bathroom: A Few More Details

It has been awhile since any kind of redecorating or remodeling has gone on around here and it is going to be a little while longer until anything of any real consequence goes on in the house.  That said a few fun, new things have been added to the upstairs hall bath in the last couple of weeks.

How we last left the foreign toothpaste collection.

First off, I filled the two remaining empty frames (above, lower left) with more of the foreign toothpaste collection plus one more frame.  Next time I'm in Portland, I'll need to pick up either 2 or 5 more of these Ikea shadow box frames, because there are more tubes to be framed and there will always be more foreign toothpaste.

Left frame: from left Gibraltar, Germany, South Africa. Right frame: from top Vietnam, Thailand, China, China.

I'd like to have 3 frames arranged vertically here like one column from the other arrangement.
From top: Russia, Spain, Kosovo.

The toilet in that bathroom doesn't flush, shall we say, thoroughly. I had a similar issue in my house on 80th Avenue and that was caused by the wrong hardware being installed in the tank by a previous owner.  I think this is the same issue, but I am neither ready to tackle it nor ready to pay a plumber to tackle it.  So, I thought a sign would help everyone who uses it leave the bowl as they found it. [wink] 

I wanted this to be both subtle AND obvious, so I thought hung over the wood paneling rather than the painted wall AND right by the toilet handle would achieve those goals. Time will tell.

I'm not a lady who usually likes to thumbtack or tape things up, so I mentally went through my stash of small frames AND remembered this little beauty that I picked up recently at a thrift store.  Not only does the profile mimic the *Ikea framed mirror on another wall in there, but the finish ties right in with the other antique brass finishes. Not to mention it has a certain 1970s home decor vibe reminiscent of Home Interiors, Inc. of which my grandmother was a leading sales person in her heyday AND loyal fan through all her days.  Practical, humorous, and nostalgic is a winning combo in my book... er, bathroom.

I was tempted to embroider it, but printing it meant it would be complete within minutes rather than possibly-never. I thought the semi-old western-y font seemed appropriate for our location as well as the vibe of the room.  There is no glass because the frame originally had a mirror in it, which lead to a whole other reason to giggle while deciding where to hang it.

If you'd like a reminder of just how far this bathroom has come and all the excruciating details of the transformation from actual-80s to retro-70s decor check out these posts:

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  1. Your bathroom is so COOL! :) Beats the snot out of the typical seashells-n'-lighthouses thang. (Which, of course, is what I have! LOL)

    1. Wow. THANKS! We needed to work with the stuff we can't yet change (avacodo fixtures, glitter encrusted counter, wainscot...) and I already had the shower curtain, so... hello 1970s inspired terlet!

  2. Love that little frame for the sign. Practical AND classes it up. Of course there will always be more toothpaste.


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