Monday, January 28, 2013

That 70s Bathroom: Phase 2

Just to refresh your memory, this is what we started with:

bathroom_makeover 70s_bathroom

And this post covers what I've done so far: That 70s Bathroom: Phase 1.

bathroom_makeover 70s_bathroom
Sadly, I lost most of the blue/green patina when I WD-40ed it to get the swivel action back.  Also, I need to touch up those screws; our local Ace didn't have brass screws both thin and long enough.  Shoot.

Since we last met (in the bathroom), two things have been accomplished.  First, I installed an antique swiveling hook (above) I had in my stash next to the shower.  So often there isn't room near the shower for a full towel bar, so I always install a hook so I don't have to traipse across the floor dripping wet after a shower or drape my towel over the shower curtain rod or shower door.

bathroom_makeover 70s_bathroom faux_bois
Basic PVC cut to fit over the cafe curtain tension rod and painted.  I'll make a how-to post on that, soon.

Second, I decided to try cutting a piece of PVC to fit and then painting it to look woo-like.  The way it turned out kind of thing tickles me, so I think I'll stick with it so long as it stays up.  While it meant more work, it also meant that I spent $1 on a PVC scrap from Home ReSource + $2 to have two, neat, straight cuts made instead of spending $8.99 - 19.99 + shipping to get a shower stall tension rod in a color I don't want. 

bathroom_makeover 70s_bathroom
It looks way better than that silly old window curtain rod!

There are a couple things that didn't happen since we last met (in the bathroom), despite my adequate efforts.

Light Fixtures:  Again, since we plan to really remodel in a few years we didn't want to spend real money on good looking and/or nice fixtures that we may not reuse.  I was hoping I could find new (or vintage) glass shades that would make me feel better about them, but no luck so far.  We may just live with them until we remodel.

Toilet Paper Holder: I've heard some people prefer the free-standing model, but at least in our situation it means that it's either behind you or in the middle of the room or you have to move it into position every time you use it (and remember to move it back, just like the toilet seat).  Neither of us like the shiny brass for this situation and I don't feel like painting it.  I have searched ebay, etsy, online retailers specializing in antique and vintage house hardware, new pieces online. I wasn't super excited about anything that didn't cost way more than I thought a used TP holder should.  And I'm a gal who has dropped some dough on bath hardware as I'm kind of a geek about that stuff, but something that's been in a stranger's bathroom and is not retro chic, just retro... not gunna happen.  Unless I get desperate.  Example: a vintage antique-brass piece I found on ebay started at $22, but eventually sold for over $100! 


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