Saturday, August 25, 2012

How Can I Not?

By Big Mouth Toys

I don't dislike taxidermy, but I don't really want preserved critter carcasses looking down on me in my home.  I have, however, developed a fascination with it that I think will express itself as faux taxidermy in our new place and you know what that means, right?  A new pin board on my pinterest account.

Tapestry taxidermy-style work by Frederique Morrel
Man, I sure hope I can make some of the things I've pinned and that Betty won't be scared of and bark-y at them.  If you see fun or cool faux taxidermy on pinterest, please comment with a good ol' @Tara Fields.  Thanks!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Checking Off Bucket List I

Betty and her double-layer rawhide doughnut "cake" with baby carrot candles attached with almond butter.

Before we leave, I want to see my people, eat at my favorite places, get supplies from local shops and chain stores that aren't (yet) in the Missoula area and, maybe most importantly, do as many of the activities I'd have done if we weren't moving as I can.    Last year we had a 1st birthday party for Betty and we'll be doing the same for Delia in a few weeks, but yesterday was Betty's 2nd birthday and I made sure we celebrated it.

We sang happy birthday while Betty and Delia patiently sat waiting, then dished up a rawhide doughnut to each.  For our daily afternoon parkies, Betty got decked out in her party tutu and wore it all over the park while chasing her ball and her friends and while hassling a teenager there to practice his soccer goals.

The girls also got an extra, hour-long parkies while the buyers of The ManFlesh's house had inspections and such: we had some sleepy pups last night!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

All Kinds Of Downsizing

The ManFlesh and I are moving ourselves, our 2 young dogs, and Bigfoot from Portland, Oregon (pop. 593,820) to Florence*, Montana (pop. 765).  Our Portland life includes a 2800 sq ft craftsman bungalow within walking distance of tons of great restaurants and bars, a handful of grocery stores, two hardware stores, three pet stores and at least two tattoo parlors and guitar shops.

bigfoot Star_trek trek_in_the_park
Photo from Trek In The Park 2010
Our Florence life will include an 1800 sq ft house within walking distance of our greenhouse, a too-be-determined formerly-chicken shelter, 1000s of acres of National Forest, some great-looking hiking trails, and the shed where our new-used ATV with snow plow attachment is stored.  We will drive into town to pick up our mail at the Post Office.

bigfoot 50,000_silver_dollar
Photo from 50,000 Silver, Montana's Largest Gift Shop on I-90 in Haugen May 2012
Ahead of us is a month of packing, sorting, purging, selling, visiting and then moving across three state lines.  I think the blogging will really start when we get there and I hope to clean up the look soon, too.

*A 30-minute drive south of Missoula (pop. 67,290)