Glossary & Cast List

We like nicknames, abbreviations, and fanciful language here at the VME*. This should make it easier to follow along with those and with our regular cast of characters.

Bert: Our trusty "Mazda Ranger" 4x4 pickup truck, female.
BF: Bigfoot. I see that guy everywhere.
BGs: Beastie Grrrlz, our dogs, Betty (B), may she rest in peace, and Delia (D).
Dale: The Jackalope in our kitchen.
DLID: Death Luge Ice Driveway, initally referred to as the Ice Luge of Treachery, a stage of winter when the snow on the driveway has melted into a sheet of ice, but not yet melted down to the dirt.
DPMS: "Dr. Potter's Medicine Show," Eric's first published novel, out in February 2017 in the UK and US. I think Canada, too.
Eric: He's why I'm suddenly surrounded by taxidermy and he's also a published author (as of Feb 2017).
Khan: Our trusty Subaru CrossTrek.
M5: Mid-May Montana Mountain Mayhem. This was what we called Eric's 40th birthday celebration.
Mavis: A ceramic deer head mount in our living room.
Ramon: A faux Tyrannasaurus rex whose head pops through our stairwell wall.
Renaissance Handyman Nick: Nick calls himself a carpenter. He can do most things on a house and cares to do them right. We're lucky we found him!
TheMistressT: Tara. My username and online persona for crafty and creative businesses & endeavors.
*VME: Vast Mountain Estate. This is what Eric named our 5-acre home.