Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dr Potter's Medicine Show

Six weeks.

That's impossible.


I recently mentioned the fun I had crafting up stuff for the cool cosplay photo shoot we did a few weeks ago. One of those projects was making up bottles of the Chock-a-saw Sagwa Tonic which is the snake oil/patent medicine/horrible alchemical nightmare from Dr Potter's Medicine Show.

That is diluted Lipton tea in there and not actual laudanum, etc. with a bit of "tobacco for color."

The bottles were purchased from Specialty Bottle and came with those hinged metal, ceramic, and rubber tops. I just pulled the metal out of the holes in the top of the bottle and used corks from my craft stash.

I used modified, free clip art of an old vanilla label, other free clip art, downloaded fonts, and Photoshop to design a printable label. Spray adhesive sticks it to the class, and matte decoupage medium (Martha Stewart brand) waterproofs the ink.

These have been fun to have around the house, too!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Dr. Potter's Medicine Show

Even though February 2017 seems far in the future, the release of Dr. Potter's Medicine Show really is not far off at all. ACK! I spent November on two major projects: preparing the house for our moms to spend Thanksgiving weekend with us again this year and preparing for a *Dr. Potter's Medicine Show (DPMS) photo shoot!

One of the many thing neither of us knew when Eric started this literary journey is that new authors and/or non-famous individuals are required to do a lot of their own promotion. Eric has had great support from his agency and publisher - but you know I had to get my crafty hands all messed up in this, too. So I had the idea to do a cosplay-ish photo shoot with Eric as Dr. Potter! We just happen to have a generous and enthusiastic neighbor, Bob, who has a small Old West town in his backyard AND who spent his career as a professional photographer. Not only did he agree to let us use his town, he agreed to make the photos, lent us some props and costumes, gave lots of helpful and insightful suggestions, and just helped take it to the next level. Well, more like a couple-three levels up the chain! Our dear neighbor Carla, also contributed costumes!

A daguerreotype-ified shot by Randi.

We also recruited several other neighbors & friends to be "townsfolk" and they came out on a December Sunday to stand around outside in the Montana weather wearing what they dug out of their closets and what others brought. We. Are. Damn. Lucky.

A sepia shot.

Bob shot in both color and sepia. Because we knew we would ultimately use the photos in non-full-color, we were able to cobble together simple costumes for all our volunteers more easily: color coordination be damned. Eric's friend, Randi, was able to make the color photos look like daguerreotypes, too!

We knew we weren't likely to use color images as-is, but we thought it was a good idea to have them. Either way we did not consider color-coordination when dressing. Ahem.

Then afterwards we invited the whole "town" up to our place for a warm lunch and cool beverages. Not everyone could make it, but we nearly finished it all anyway.

I got to make and design **lots of cool stuff for this, too! But I will post about those things separately. Probably. (see below)

*Well, I spent the first week of December finishing up preparing for the photo shoot, too. Also, tidying up the house after our moms' visit and decorating for the holidays. I also dyed my roots. [wink] This is why no one got a holiday card this year... no time to make them, didn't send any.

**I'll just give you a list preview... because I know you're dying to know. I made Eric's suit and vest, customized the store-bought crate, designed and applied the Sagwa labels to the bottles, designed and painted the banner, & made some bonnets.

ADDENDUM: I'll add links to the various projects as I post them. I am nothing if not accommodating... about showing off my crafts, that is.

Chock-a-saw Sagwa Tonic Bottles
Promotional Banner

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

Last Week of #BitterrootAutumn : The First Big Snow of the Season

Our clothesline snow gauge... NOT the deepest snow around here!
As often seems to be the case, we get the same weather system as our friends & family in the Portland Area, but just several hours later. That seems to be the case with last week's Snowpocalypse. We're already running out of places to pile the plowed snow and winter doesn't even officially start until Wednesday!

But it surrrrrre is pretty. Impressive, too.

Let's have a picnic!

You may have noticed this birdbath in the little video up top, but wait'll ya' get a gander at the other birdbath!

This birdbath is just about buried already! I do not know if they are different heights, but I think they're pretty dang close.

Shoveling the deck like cutting up a big sheet cake at an office party.

Boy, am I glad that I got all (but one) of my holiday packages shipped off on Monday and Tuesday! And all of them (but that one) have arrived, according to My USPS, as of Saturday evening.

UPDATE: Long Winter's Nap

A bad throw of the ball by mama, but easier to find than when it goes in a snow bank! At least for mama.

Now that Delia has fully integrated her fireside dog bed into her lounging and napping routine, it has come to the attention of certain other members of our household as the choice spot for cold mornings. Well, maybe not as choice as the people bed where Delia goes immediately after breakfast, but choice for someone who doesn't go back to bed.

Animal activists, not to worry. Shortly after this photo was taken Eric let her have her bed. She chose to join us in the living room (under blankets) anyway.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Friday, December 9, 2016

Getting Cozy

It's OK everyone! Do. Not. Worry. There have been non-Dr Potter's Medicine Show-related activities around the VME. Not many, but some.

I finally made these door decorations... I've have the unfinished monogram for year and picked up the smaller snowflake a few weeks back. 

It lifted my spirits a bit just to have something seasonal and cheery on the front doors. I mean, that's real glass glitter on the "F" and everything. Check those nifty little silver beads in the grooves on the mini flake! If that doesn't lighten a mood for even just a second, there's no hope.

Speaking of cheeriness, we've a few new lighted decorations for Christmas...

Lights on the alternatree!

A lighted garland on the new stair rail courtesy of my friend, Lisa!

A purple tinsel tree for the redecoration-in-progress-bathroom, courtesy of the 2nd annual 50-mile Garage Sale last summer.

Delia has fully integrated the fireside bed into her nap routine.

Next up? Probably more Dr. Potter's Medicine Show projects and news.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016