Friday, December 9, 2016

Getting Cozy

It's OK everyone! Do. Not. Worry. There have been non-Dr Potter's Medicine Show-related activities around the VME. Not many, but some.

I finally made these door decorations... I've have the unfinished monogram for year and picked up the smaller snowflake a few weeks back. 

It lifted my spirits a bit just to have something seasonal and cheery on the front doors. I mean, that's real glass glitter on the "F" and everything. Check those nifty little silver beads in the grooves on the mini flake! If that doesn't lighten a mood for even just a second, there's no hope.

Speaking of cheeriness, we've a few new lighted decorations for Christmas...

Lights on the alternatree!

A lighted garland on the new stair rail courtesy of my friend, Lisa!

A purple tinsel tree for the redecoration-in-progress-bathroom, courtesy of the 2nd annual 50-mile Garage Sale last summer.

Delia has fully integrated the fireside bed into her nap routine.

Next up? Probably more Dr. Potter's Medicine Show projects and news.


  1. Love the glitter in the F and the sparkles in the mini snowflake. I still haven't done anything with mine and need to get on it. I think that would be a good summer project. The lights on the alternatree look great. It makes it look even more real. I like the lighted garland and I'm envious you have counter space for trees in your bathroom.

    1. I'm really glad I finally got around to doing up those wood pieces. It's nice to have them up even in January. Adds a little something when the house seems a bit start after 3 months of holiday decorations.


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