Monday, December 19, 2016

Last Week of #BitterrootAutumn : The First Big Snow of the Season

Our clothesline snow gauge... NOT the deepest snow around here!
As often seems to be the case, we get the same weather system as our friends & family in the Portland Area, but just several hours later. That seems to be the case with last week's Snowpocalypse. We're already running out of places to pile the plowed snow and winter doesn't even officially start until Wednesday!

But it surrrrrre is pretty. Impressive, too.

Let's have a picnic!

You may have noticed this birdbath in the little video up top, but wait'll ya' get a gander at the other birdbath!

This birdbath is just about buried already! I do not know if they are different heights, but I think they're pretty dang close.

Shoveling the deck like cutting up a big sheet cake at an office party.

Boy, am I glad that I got all (but one) of my holiday packages shipped off on Monday and Tuesday! And all of them (but that one) have arrived, according to My USPS, as of Saturday evening.

UPDATE: Long Winter's Nap

A bad throw of the ball by mama, but easier to find than when it goes in a snow bank! At least for mama.

Now that Delia has fully integrated her fireside dog bed into her lounging and napping routine, it has come to the attention of certain other members of our household as the choice spot for cold mornings. Well, maybe not as choice as the people bed where Delia goes immediately after breakfast, but choice for someone who doesn't go back to bed.

Animal activists, not to worry. Shortly after this photo was taken Eric let her have her bed. She chose to join us in the living room (under blankets) anyway.


  1. Holy cats, I knew you guys got a lot of snow but wow! It would be super cool to come visit when there was snow on the ground but not sure how I would get there. It just looks so pretty. But I know it's a lot of work too.

    1. You could fly! There's a non-stop from PDX to MSO about 6x/week!


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