Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dr Potter's Medicine Show - The Book In-The-Wild

It looks like my constant haranguing on Facebook and here has paid off! Several of my friends, family, and craftsters have shared photos of them with their copies of the book or of the book on bookstore shelves. How lucky are Eric and I? Pretty dang, that's how lucky.

I would love to have pictures of YOUR copy of Dr Potter's Medicine Show in-the-wild! If you get one and share it with me, I'll add it to this post!

In no particular order:

Rome, Georgia

Ontario, Canada
Glendale, Arizona

A high school library in rural Sweden

Barnes & Nobel in Reno, Nevada

Hollywood, California

E-book, Brooklyn NY

Fred Meyer store in Milwaukie, Oregon

Barnes & Nobel in Burlington, Vermont

Secane, Pennsylvania

Finally, a friendly reminder to those who have purchased Eric's book: PLEASE rate the book on Amazon and/or GoodReads! Having a lot of ratings - particularly high ones (ahem) - helps the book get on search results and suggestion lists! You don't even have to write a review, just stars help get the book in front of book readers and book buyers! FUN FACT: You can rate and review books on Amazon that were bought somewhere else! Or given! Or borrowed!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Not Dr Potter's Medicine Show - Life at the VME

The last few months' posts have been mostly about the publication of Eric's debut novel and that is because that's mostly what's been going on around here that's at all interesting. Otherwise, life on the VME has been about how it's snowing, how we're going to have to rethink where we* plow and where we put the snow we've plowed, how we're going to keep the melting snow out of the shop which is a bit below grade, etc. This is general winter stuff, that is just a bit more intense this year because we got so much snow in December and and then more snow in January.

Plowing of the road created a bit of a berm at the bottom of the driveway and eventually even Eric's plowing of the driveway won't take it down. But two different snow shovels, a pick ax, and an hour or so will. 

Luckily, Delia has been enjoying fetch despite the snow...

... and enjoying hassling the squirrels and chipmunks under the snow!

And then we went on the DPMS World Tour (of the Pacific Northwest) and it warmed up while we were away which made the driveway a challenge for our house-and dog-sitter, Carrie. But by the time we got home, much of the road was down to exposed dirt! And the driveway was just a couple days away from its annual Death Luge Ice Driveway (DLID) stage.

And then a couple days after that, lots of exposed dirt! Which is certainly ugly, but much nicer for driving than the DLID.

Now this week has been a daily rotation of rain, snow, melt and rain, snow, melt... a potential mess and a real drag for fetching firewood and playing fetch. But at least I'm able to get up and down the driveway without chaining up Bert every time. At least for now.

I couldn't capture it, but it was pouring down rain when I took this. Not that sissy Montana rain, but real cats n' dogs style rain and for a good while, too.

I guess this big melty, rainy mess is not only a drag for us, but also for denning bears. Uh oh!

* And by "we," I mean "Eric" when it comes to plowing.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dr Potter's Medicine Show - Book Tour and More!

Holy cats! What a ride! The DPMS World Tour (of the Pacific Northwest) 2017 has to be considered a success.


Monday, Feb 6, Powell's on Hawthorne. In Conversation with Wendy Wagner.

Thank you Old Hometown Crowd for coming out on a gloomy Monday, dragging your friends along, and for contributing to Powell's SELLING OUT of Dr Potter's Medicine Show! We were told that this "never happens at these kind of readings," so that's super cool! We were also told that they ordered more, so get in there to get one if you haven't already!

Tuesday, Feb 7, Taqueria Nueve. Taco Tuesday

Mostly family plus a few close buds. Delicious!

Wednesday, Feb 8, Casa Fischl-Williams. Family dinner and general shenanigans. Too busy being present to get photos. Eric made beef burgundy, I came down with what has to be a flu.


We decided to hit a few of the Barnes & Noble stores near the interstate on our way up to sign books. Well, I didn't sign them, Eric did. I took photos.

The Vancouver, WA location

And in Olympia, WA, too!

Then after dinner, but before catching a Lyft to the reading, Eric signed a copy at Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle, too! They've only got one, so get in there and buy it!

Thursday, Feb 9, University Books.

photo by Adam Rakunas

THANK YOU to the Adam Rakunas family for putting us up and showing us around! Cake pops, Taco Thursday, basement bar beers! A cozy and comfortable night's sleep to boot. I am truly sorry that I brought the creeping crudge into your home.


We woke up to news that Snoqualmie Pass on I-90 was open to eastbound traffic, so we jumped on that! We must've saved 6 hours of driving which made all the difference to morale at this point in the tour. I was unabashedly sick by then and we were both tired from all the fun and all the driving.

Friday, Feb 10, Auntie's Books.

Saturday, Feb 11, drove home from Spokane. I slept most of the way and then slept most of the afternoon at home on the sofa. Flu in full effect. Eric started getting symptoms and we both went to bed early and slept late. Lots of dog cuddles and kisses!

Sunday, Feb 12 - Tuesday, Feb 14, regular life + fighting this virus.


Wednesday, Feb 15, Fact & Fiction.

Could Bigfoot be Eric Scott Fischl's first groupie? I think he was at every reading on the tour!

Thank you to the New Hometown Crowd for coming out on a dreary school night! I think Eric may have hit the low point in his cold on this very night, but he handled it like a champ. Or at least a seasoned veteran of book tours.

During the tour, DPMS got a few more mentions around the internet:

An interview with The Quillery blog.

We met Jay in Spokane through Adam in Seattle. It's really neat how these author-types connect to and support each other! Jay is doing a vlog/day and we both think he's crazy, but look! Eric's in one!

Eric's first ever spoken interview also happens to be W.A.R.G. - The Guild's first ever podcast! What could go wrong?

Friday, February 3, 2017

Dr Potter's Medicine Show - Spotted in the Wild!

Hey look! Eric's sister spotted this at Powell's on Hawthorne on Friday, Feb 3

Hoo boy! Eric's friend & fellow AR author, Peter McLean, spotted this 4-star review in SFX Magazine!

Oh yeah! I forgot to post this cook photo back when Eric got it a couple-few weeks ago from Nick Tyler at Angry Robot Books.



Wait what? Eric's contribution to Writer's Digest's "7 Things I've Learned So Far" series went up on Thursday!

The GoodReads giveaway ended yesterday (Feb 2) and the winners were chosen! I don't recognize any of the winners by user name or tiny thumbnail avatar, which is a bit of a bummer, but if you can't count on your friends to pay full price for your book, who can you? Here's hoping that some of the other 1,844 people who entered to win were so intrigued they'll go out and buy a copy or hassle their local libraries into ordering some copies!