Saturday, January 13, 2018

Limited Shelf Life I

[giant sigh]

Yup. Not good looking, particularly in this photo. But a place to shelve more of our books, stash the network hardware, and some of Eric's guitar thingies.

Well. It seems that the odd book shelves that were installed in the third bedroom when we bought our house are not particularly well installed. Shocking.

That center piece that goes across the top doesn't seem to be attached to the wall studs or to the wall at all, just to the shelf pieces on the sides. Not unlike the cabinet/corner shelf situation in the kitchen. I sincerely hope that doesn't mean that the few screws attaching the side pieces only go about 1/8" into the studs like the cabinets in the kitchen.

Anyway, it did seem like things were sturdy enough as we have had books and network equipment stuffed in there since a few weeks of our moving in, more than 5 years ago. And then the first week of January 2018, I noticed that the unit seems to have begun.. sagging. Ugh. I considered both shoring it up OR going ahead making new shelves, but since we eventually want to turn the second bedroom - where most of the books are shelved - into a library, I decided to try to just shore it up until we can remove it altogether.

First step: remove the contents of the shelves. Well, everything but the network equipment (left) and guitar-playing whatchamajiggers (right).

Don't worry, we don't use the heater in there except on rare occasions.

Even though it won't make an aesthetic improvement, I am hoping to get this secured and reloaded before the end of January, but we'll see. So long as I don't let it go for months, I'm fine with it.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Making the Most of Icy Weather

NOTICE: I don't know why the body text is highlighted. Well, I have an idea why, but my attempt to fix it failed and I don't want to put any more work into it, so I guess we can all just be glad that this post is mostly photos of a dog in her funny outfit and focus on that.

When life hands you lemons in the form of an ice rink driveway, you make lemonade in the form of a figure skater outfit for your dog! And my "you" and I mean "me/I."

I dug through all my fabrics & trims bins looking for remnants and leftovers to cobble this majestic outfit together and came up with a variety of golden treasures!



Please note the flutter sleeves.

The whole thing is lined with polar fleece remnants.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Weird Winter Weather

It's been awhile since I felt compelled to post here. Probably because the last few months have been pretty much routine, which I guess means we're settling into routines as we enter our 6th year here in the woods on the side of our mountain in Montana. I know I "promised" a post about dealing with the wildfire threat, evacuations, etc., but I just can't seem to want to sit down and focus on gathering the photos together and writing about them. It was frightening, sort of surreal, and, let's face it, damn inconvenient. THAT part of 2017 was anything but routine. Here's hoping it stays anything-but-routine.

It seemed to take a long time for the snow to come and stay. A couple times we got some inches, then a week or so later it would be gone. Then we also had some freezing fog which wasn't too bad for road conditions that we noticed, but was very pretty to look at for a few days.

We learned a new word!
Pogonip: a meteorlogical term used to describe the uncommon occurrence of frozen fog. It was coined by Native Americans to describe the frozen fogs of fine ice needles that occur in the mountain valleys of the western US in December. 

December 24-25 brought us up to a good foot of snow in some places. It was very pretty and also pretty powdery, so not that challenging to plow and shovel.

The first week of January decided to warm up: rain, freezing rain, sleet, melt-and-refreeze, wintry mix, you name it. If my Facebook feed is any indication, I'm about the only one I know who wants it to stay below freezing! Like, until sometime in March or April. Snow is one thing, but ice is a whole other hassle. A dangerous, dangerous hassle.

Plus, you know, we need that snow pack for water next fire season.