Saturday, July 5, 2014

Do This, Don't Do That. Can't You Read The Sign?

This was by driveway, after prying it off the plywood to which it was mounted I painted that plywood and reused it for the new sign.

It seems strange that the fact that there are houses on almost every five-acre area around here and that most of these places have a fence in some condition or other around them aren't indication enough that the property is private and therefore you can't hunt on them without permission.  Still everyone has clearly posted "No Hunting" and/or "No Trespassing" signs as well as blaze orange tape or spray painted fence posts and/or trees.

The new sign is vertically oriented.  While it would probably be more effective to have some blaze orange in there, I like how this is more subtle and tasteful than it used to be.

However, unless you spend kind of a lot of money on your sign, they're pretty ugly, which should be an oxymoron, but isn't.  We've never liked the looks of the signs that were on our property and we didn't like the tone of them much either.  Sure we want people to realize that our driveway isn't the road (a real thing that happens, by the way) and that our property isn't theirs to just wander onto at whim.  And since everyone seems to post signs, I wondered if not posting them would be an implied invitation.  So, I started hunting around the interwebz and found these.

I used the same material I make decorative painted sample boards to mount the other two.  I used galvanized picture wire to attach them to the gates.  Bonus: I got to use stuff we had around!

We like the color and the imagery.  The words are true enough, if even a bit snarky.  At $6 a piece*, they were a great value and suited our needs just fine.

See the pretty deer and the busy beavers?

We have three of them, one near or on each gate.  We'll still install some orange tape around the lower pasture on the fence lines were there aren't gates and replace the orange placards removed with the old fence along the National Forest border.

Yeah, yeah. I know I've got repetitive photos going on, but I just am so pleased with how these look so far.  So here's not lower pasture version.

* There is a quantity discount at several levels!  Nice!