Saturday, August 25, 2012

How Can I Not?

By Big Mouth Toys

I don't dislike taxidermy, but I don't really want preserved critter carcasses looking down on me in my home.  I have, however, developed a fascination with it that I think will express itself as faux taxidermy in our new place and you know what that means, right?  A new pin board on my pinterest account.

Tapestry taxidermy-style work by Frederique Morrel
Man, I sure hope I can make some of the things I've pinned and that Betty won't be scared of and bark-y at them.  If you see fun or cool faux taxidermy on pinterest, please comment with a good ol' @Tara Fields.  Thanks!


  1. You know you have to at least have one head on the wall. Maybe the bathroom? Does Betty go in there?

  2. Oh my god, the deer with the pbbbt! tongue, you need that, Tara. You do.

  3. Don't I, Lisa? I'm going to have to do some taxidermy supply shopping or something.

    Tiffany, I'll have a few, I'm sure of it. Once Betty knows they aren't alive she's okay so long as they stay put. She got used to the taxidermy at our rental cabin last summer and the antlered skull on Satan's throne last Halloween... until I moved it.


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