Sunday, January 27, 2013

Slippery As S_ _t.

The weather warmed up a bit last week which was not wholly unpleasant, but the inevitable associated melting of snow was a bummer.  Not only do the yard and forest not look as pretty with patches of bare, winter ground, but it turns out melting snow is the best way to find out where one or more of the Beastie Grrrlz liked to do their poopin' before the snow started falling and staying in mid-December.

Gratuitous poop shot:  I'm sure I mistakenly highlighted a few sticks or pine cones, but I'm also sure I missed a few turds. Luckily, I think they're taking care of they're business off a bit now that they're comfortable in the knowledge that this place is home.

In other bummer news, the melting has turned the driveway into an Ice Luge of Treachery (TM).  Eric has navigated Bert (the truck) down the driveway by running one side of her (Bert is female) to the edge where it's still snow or dirt, but not ice.  I have not.

Looks a little like liquid water, but that's just a tiny, thin layer over the slick-as-snot ice.

Today I got right to the top of the slope and chickened out because I was sliding on the nearly flat ground and I was scared.  Upon exiting the vehicle I went right down on my left knee and left eyebrow.  My glasses are all out of whack, but my face and knee seem okay, maybe just a bit swollen.  My shoulders however feel like it's the 2nd day after a relatively high-speed car accident.  I guess getting out of the car and having an accident qualified as a car accident, right?

This is the right-hand curve at the top of the hill looking toward the road... it looks just like a frozen river without all the quaint notions of old time-y ice skating in long wool coats with fur mufflers.

The photos were taken yesterday; today it has been snowing off and on so it looks much better.  It's not, in fact it may be worse.  Silver lining: the dog poop is getting re-covered.


  1. Oh my, that looks scary!!

    When springtime came, you could see exactly where Bailey pooped, it looked like we had a polka-dot back yard, all nice and fertilized.

    ~ Peggasus

    1. I didn't think I'd ever get cavalier about dog poop, but I did. I knew I was comfortable with it when I started gesturing with a full poop bag while talking or using to knock down spider webs.

  2. ouch! That is one scary looking driveway!

    Love the poop pic.


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