Friday, January 11, 2013

Odds & Ends

There are just a few interesting or fun things I wanted to share, most of which really aren't worthy of a whole blog post.  I'll deliver them in the order that they were discovered.

1) I was having a key made at Ace and while I waited I was looking at the end cap right between the key making machine and the cash register.  I realize this is a hunting tool, but I still think the merchandising/branding is strange.

Also available in cow "flavor."

2) For those keeping score, I am getting almost adequately competent at pumping my own gas!

$2.96/gallon!  Well, closer to $2.97/gallon with that .9 cents, but still.

3) Information that makes this make sense: A) I don't walk around the hot tub in daylight very often. B) The snow had melted off the deck a few days before it started snowing again; yesterday morning we had a fresh 3/4" or so. C) Betty is one of those dogs who likes to greet us with something in her mouth (even if it's just to say good morning when each of us gets up).  Usually it's a toy or bone, but sometimes it's a small article of our clothing she's gotten out of the basket, a slipper, or shoe.

What is that?  Oh, frozen panties.  Of course.

4) The Alexanders left Christmas lights up around the living room window year round as a way to welcome each other home if one or the other arrived home late and they left them up for us.  E came home after dark yesterday so I had them on and while they don't put off much light they did enable us to see the Return of the Flying Squirrel! 

I used the "night vision" setting which is why it's all green and grainy.  That is not why there are dog nose smudges all the window.


  1. Ha, don't let the dogs out. Stay calm girlz.

    1. The Beastie Grrrlz clamber anytime someone goes out the door and their papa hadn't slept in 4-5 days so he might have needed some help to remember. ;)

  2. Cute! the flying squirrel :) Elk Wizz ha ha, I can see that in someone's stocking as a gag gift hee hee.
    Is THAT where the undies got to? At least you know the washer didn't eat them.

  3. You make ordinary life so interesting!

    1. If bottled elk urine is ordinary, the life IS interesting!

  4. Funny stuff - love the flying squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!


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