Friday, November 6, 2015

Odds & Ends: Autumn 2015

Around here we've been up to lots of smaller projects and chores. Mostly these involve preparing for winter. It was time to take down the screen-doors-that-are-not-screen-doors, call Mike to deliver the firewood to fill the woodshed, rake all the damn pine needles off the long, long driveway, put away the patio furniture, et cetera and so on.

I finally got the new name sign for the base of the road finished! Maybe this means neighbors will start thinking of our place as something other than "the Alexander place." Possibly not. 

Before pictures here.

Look at this lovely sight! Holy cats, there's just something so comforting and satisfying about a nice stack of firewood, especially when it's stacked in your new woodshed. 

So much wood! It doesn't go all the way to the roof at the front, because we thought it would be easier to measure for payment. 3.73 cords if you're interested.

Awhile back I got a special price on some of these laser cut monograms. I have always loved monograms, so it's fun that Eric and I share one, even though we don't share a name. 

White washed antlers and copper leaf initial F.

I bought the antlers for general gate display, but I couldn't resist this turkey for November. Heck, since we have wild turkeys wondering around the neighborhood we could legitimately leave it up all year.

Faux stained turkey with red variegated metal leaf initial F.

Snow on the Bass Creek Crag! The tamaracks have turned! There has been some real rain and snow! Chance of snow at our place this week! WHEE!


  1. Yeah for getting little projects done. I LOVE love that copper leafing. It is gorgeous and I bet it gleams in the sunlight. Copper has always been my fav. I might have to copper leaf one of mine ;) The turkey looks great too. And how about that wood shed, woo hoo!!!

  2. This is fun to see and spreads joy. Yeah, for you.


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