Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Death Luge Cometh

As expected, warmer temperatures brought a big ol' ice slick out there on our driveway and the road. It's not quite to the Death Luge Ice Driveway, but it's definitely to the Maim Luge Ice Driveway stage as of Friday afternoon. And it's snowing right now, so who knows what kind of mayhem awaits?

The ice marbles are so small now, so faded. Don't let that dark business on road lead you to believe that there is dirt on the surface, because it's not.

Sad, fallen ice marble. It has been purple, but now the marble is barely red and the snow around it glacier blue.

It's been fun to guess how the woodshed would shed snow.

I think that the big "one" is just as long, but thinner and now melded with more of it's neighbors.

Back down to around 9" now as of Saturday midday. 

The further into winter we get, and I know we're not even a month in yet, the more I appreciate my tire chains. Why did I wait until this winter to get to know them?


  1. You crack me up! Send the snow to Virginia. :)

    1. Getcher own snow, lady! :) I love the snow, it's the ice that is unwelcome.


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