Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fun With Below Freezing Temperatures

I never got around to making ice marbles in 2015, but with temperatures at or below freezing for the next while, I decided to get off my duff and make them this year.

The only balloons I had around were water balloons which are too small for really satisfying ice marbles as far as I am concerned. They were also a huge pain in the neck to fill, as well as fragile enough that one broke while freezing.

The white snow views are always beautiful to me, but it's also nice to have some pops of color in there, too.

The old, rotty fence on the lower pasture is better for displaying for two reasons. 1) The post have exposed tops whereas the pretty, new fence does not and 2) it's closer to the road than the new fence so easier to see as we drive up or as the occasional neighbor drives through.

BEHIND THE SCENES: So, I says to myself, I says, "I'll just be extra careful when filling the balloons." Oopsie!

Some photos from years past and the tutorial on how it's done. And another photo of dye-stained fingers. Go figure.

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