Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter Continues

It's been a really beautiful winter so far.

We were holding strong at around 9" on the ground despite continued snow fall, until last week when the snow got a bit crazy at our place. Other than our actual neighbors, no one else who lives in our area got more than an inch, but we got about about 6" over two days. We hit the 1' mark on the first day and then almost 1'3" the next. WOO!

We've had snow on the ground and it's been frozen long enough that we've started to get some decent icicles. I just love icicles!

The NE side of the house gets some big ones.

I couldn't figure out how to show both scale and details so it's hard to tell, but the longest one is probably at least 5' long!

This is a great illustration of why I want to change the orientation of our front deck stairs to get it out from under the roof's drip line.

Here's how the two surprise snow days covered the ice marbles.

Day One around 2:30 p.m.

Day two around 3:00 p.m.

As I started this post earlier today, it was 42F on our thermometer and as I am finishing it this evening, it is raining. The icicles under the deck stairs are gone, last I saw the roof line icicles were shrinking, and when I tromped out into the yard there was dirt showing in parts of the driveway and the deep snow is about half it's volume and slushy. It's supposed to get colder again for a few days... and I am just hoping that the road isn't a long sloped ice rink and our driveway doesn't enter the Death Luge Ice Driveway (DLID) stage. I feel like as we're getting the hang of how frequently we should plow, we're diminishing the frequency and treachery of the DLID. I have a feeling that the ice marbles are now just some colored smudges on the ground under their posts.

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  1. Aw, that'd be too bad, about the marbles, but on the bright side, maybe you'll get enough melt not to even have to plow, to avoid the Luge. :) They're calling for more snow here tonight- we'll see! ;)


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